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Brand New Father Podcast is my outlet to share real fatherhood journeys as is – real stories, insights, struggles and fails, and hopefully couple of wins and successes here and there as well!


About the show

Becoming and being a new dad is a big deal for me and I’ve been willing to invest my time and energy to learn “the trade” of fatherhood pretty much from the get-go. If this sounds like you, then this podcast is for you!

Or generation of dads aspire to be hands-on dads, supportive spouses and breadwinners at the same time. Which is all awesome, but we have more things on our plate that dads of the past. It’s not easy to learn to juggle with all these new roles.

One of my goals with the Brand New Father Podcast is to show you that you’re not alone with your new joys and your new struggles. We’re all in this together.

Another goal of mine, this time my personal goal, is to be a better dad and a husband today than I was yesterday. And with this show I hope to inspire other dads to join me in this never-ending learning experience of being a dad.

Tune in for the weekly episodes where I “discuss” or share pretty much anything and everything that I’ve noticed so far on my journey. Topics vary from delivery room surprises and soothing your crying bundle of joy to how to bond with your little champ and how’s sex life “on the other side”. Plus, check out the Fridays’ episodes to hear interviews with fellow new dads and their stories.


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